Together, The Danish central organisations LO, FTF and Akademikerne run the Danish Trade Union EU Office in Brussels.

Positions on key EU-issues

The three central organisations submit consultation responses on a number of key EU-issues. The consultation responses are either directed towards the Danish government, in response to its work in relation to the EU, or addressed directly to the EU’s institutions. 
21. jun. 2017 | By Sune Knudsen

The three Danish central organisations LO, FTF and Akademikerne have a joint office in Brussels. You can contact us here. The office promotes and defends the interests of Danish workers in the EU and provides relevant trade union news from an EU-perspective via the news portal Fagligt.EU

LO, FTF and Akademikerne are members of the ETUC (The European Trade Union Confederation). The ETUC’s members are trade union organisations from the European countries. The Danish Trade Union EU-Office is located in the same building as the ETUC in Brussels. Read more about the ETUC here.